Melbourne Shopping

So many people come to Melbourne just for the shopping. This city is known for its fashion style, from the funky to the more conservative chic in the Paris end of town. The city shopping precinct forms a grid, bordered by Flinders St., Exhibition St., La Trobe St. and Queen St., in which the majority of the stores reside. The section of Bourke St. between Swanston St. and Elizabeth St. forms the Bourke St. mall. Two of the Major department stores front doors are located here. This is basically the centre of the shopping district and a great place to start your Melbourne shopping experience. Walk down the lanes and through the arcades, explore the quaint and quirky shops and try the food in the tiny cafes dotted through the cities alleys and shopping centres. Melbourne really has a wonderful coffee culture, which its residents are very proud of. So if you do nothing else relax a couple of times and enjoy a perfect coffee from the abundance of very experienced baristas serving the best quality coffee. You will not have to look far for a quaint coffee shop with a wafting coffee aroma and a comfy seat beckoning  you to rest you're shopped out feet. Below is a short list of some areas you may like to visit in the city.



Inner City Shopping

Arcades And Lanes


Suburban Shopping centres and shopping streets



Outlet or Factory Direct Locations